Chickering & Sons

  • Year: circa 1860
  • Model: Cocked Hat
  • Size: 6'11"
  • Finish: Original

Jonas Chickering lived in the Boston area and was apprenticed to Benjamin Crehore around 1815 to learn instrument making. After gaining experience, he started his own business in Boston in 1823.

From the very beginning, Chickering's pianos were of superb quality and design. By aligning himself with a partner who was good at marketing, his pianos became known throughout all of North and South America. At the first International Exhibition, held in London at the Crystal Palace in 1851, he won the top awards and unparalleled praise for a concert grand piano that incorporated a cast iron frame.

The Chickering pianos built up until around the Second World War are considered to be second to none. The concert grands built from around the period of the late 1800s to about 1925 have some of the most powerful and rich sounds possible, especially in the bass. Only 150 Cocked Hats were ever made.