C. Bechstein

  • Year: 1881
  • Model: C
  • Size: 7'6
  • Finish: Hand-rubbed lacquer

Bechstein pianos are made with the very highest standards of workmanship, right down to the smallest detail. The sound colouring, the richness of tone and the transparency of melody and harmony are overwhelming! Bechstein instruments have their own timbre, individual depth and an unmistakable character.

The piano is finished in a high-polish black finish shows intricate hand carved details in the music desk and arms. The piano sits on three large octagonal legs and the inner rim is veneered in maple truly setting this instrument apart from the crowd.

A new Bechstein model C piano retails for more than $100,000; however, you can purchase this piano at a fraction of the cost and buy a piece of history.